It took me a long time to identify as a caregiver. But I realized that there is so much freedom in acceptance. Acceptance has allowed me to embrace what it means to be a way.

Maintain a sense of self while giving care.

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Jacquelyn became the sole caregiver for her mother (Lynn) and grandmother (Joyce) in 2016 after a faulty furnace leaked carbon monoxide into her family home, causing both to develop dementia. She began documenting her journey on Youtube and Tiktok under the handle @MomOfMyMom. She has since been acknowledged by Teepa Snow for her devotion to implementing fun and creating joy around caregiving. Jacquelyn was just invited to be a 2022 CareFellow with caring Across Generations. The Care Fellowship is a national cohort of current and former family caregivers who work to raise awareness of the value of care and create equitable care infrastructure within our country. With Mom Of My Mom Jacquelyn continues to offer emotional support to caregivers through courses, classes and consultations.