A Checklist for Hiring A Paid Caregiver

A Checklist for Hiring A Paid Caregiver


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Finding the perfect Care Provider (Paid Caregiver) to work in your home with your loved one can be a task. I was lucky to find Paige, who both mommy and I loved endlessly, but the interview process was never easy for me partly because I never had a grasp on all that I really did for mommy. I knew I cooked and cleaned and bathed, but the details were a wash because it became my everyday life, which can make explaining exactly what you need done difficult to someone new to your daily schedule, so here is a list that outlines some of the very regular tasks that are needed in a home where care is being provided. 

Share all the duties that are on your plate that other family members can pick up. 

Download a checklist of these duties for your next interview HERE

Dressing And Personal Hygiene

  • Bath/Shower Assistance
  • Lotion Application As Needed
  • Tooth Brushing And Dental Appliance Cleaning
  • Shaving
  • Brushing/Styling Hair 
  • Makeup Application And Removal 
  • Finger And Toenail Care
  • Picking Out Clothes And Dressing 

Throughout the day

  • Toileting Assistance
  • Monitor And Change Incontinence Underwear/Medical Devices As Needed
  • Change Soiled Clothing If Necessary 

Medication Management And Following Medical Orders Caregiver Duties 

  • Remind And Aid In Taking Medicine 
  • Refill And Sort/Organize Pills 
  • Monitor And Keep Record of Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Readings, Etc…
  • Assist With Home Exercises Prescribed By Physician, Physical, Or Occupational Therapist 
  • Attend Medical Appointments And Provide Updates To Doctors And Nurses

Eating Properly

  • Help With Or Do Grocery Shopping
  • Prepare Meals And Snacks
  • Assist With Eating 
  • Aid With Drinking To Ensure Proper Daily Fluid Intake 

Help Getting Around

  • Take To Doctor’s Office, Grocery, And Activities
  • Transport To Social Activities, Church, And Exercise Classes 


  • Listen, Play Games, Watch Television, Read Together, Etc..
  • Encourage Others To Visit 

Light Household Work

  • Clean Kitchen Counters After Food Prep
  • Vacuum Or Mop Up Spills
  • Wash Dishes And Run Dishwasher
  • Do Laundry And Put Away Clothes
  • Take Out Trash In Kitchen And Bathrooms
  • Make And Change Bed As Needed
  • Wipe Down Bathroom Sink And Shower
  • Retrieve Mail And Help With Bill Paying If Necessary 
  • Maintain File of Receipts For Records

Communicate With Family

  • Update Family Members And Keep Apprised Of Significant Health Or Behavior Changes
  • Alert Family About Doctor’s Appointments And Outcomes 

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