How I'm taking Care of myself this holiday season.

How I'm taking Care of myself this holiday season.

I start by sharing my grief.

Some people get really angry when you talk about grief on the internet. I've shared my grief and all that comes along with it this year and I never cease to get the "OK get over it" comment.

As if you just "get over" a parent's death. I always assume those who make those comments were never allowed to grieve themselves and project their hurt onto me. However, sharing is how I process and most comments are very supportive.

Be kind to my heart

I willingly put my heart through war this year and am currently trying to rectify it. I began dating after my mother passed, without setting many boundaries to protect my fragile heart and that has me at the end of this year completely depleted, so from now on, I am boundaried up Thanks to reading Nedra Tawwab's book on boundaries.

Saying no to outings.
I've declined a few Christmas parties this year. I just didn't have it in me. The ones I attended were great and hopefully I'll get those same invites next year.

I've gotten a million emails from companies asking me to work with their brand or do some type of promotion, I quickly respond to them by saying "I won't be doing anything outside of what's been scheduled until next year"

Not expecting too much of myself.

I didn't put a tree up this year. I almost forced myself to, instead, I used that energy to hand-crochet hats for people I love. They loved their gift and I believe using my energy this way was a gift in more than one way.

Spend more time with my father.

I realize how precious the time we have left on this earth is and I plan to soak all his time up. He's gone be tired of me lol.

Watching old videos of mommy

Thank God for the Christmas' I had with her. Mommy was always so joyous. I was blessed to care for her day in and out. I'm so lucky to have videos to look back on those videos to see her light shine.

Hope that the next year won't be as hard. Sending my love to all of you who mourn, who love and who have lost.

Love, Your Big Sis in Care


  • Caretakerchronicles

    For your realness and openess
    I just thank u. I am just beginning my journey with my mom and you have already helped so much.

  • Tajuan

    Good evening queen I know what you are feeling and going through I loss my mama may 1 I have a younger brother and my dad and it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions for me I also have Videos,and pictures of my mama and I did pretty much the same thing you did I pray we both can start healing eventually peace and love queen 👑❤️👑🙏🏾

  • RJ Lynch

    Hope you had a blessed Christmas!❤️

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