Low Cost Power Of Attorney Options

Low Cost Power Of Attorney Options

I had a question pop up on a video I had posted on the necessity of getting a Power of Attorney EARLY. They asked for Low Cost options and because I love this community I made sure to do my research, sooo

Be aware that Every POA needs to be notarized, this shouldnt cost you more than $20 in every state. 
The Cheapest way to get one done is by downloading a template off the internet for FREE a great website for this is, https://eforms.com/power-of-attorney/
You can also use an online company like Legal Zoom, Rocket Law for a Basic POA for $35 and a comprehensive one for $45 plus a monthly subscription. 
Some of our supporters even chimed in on unconventional ways they've accomplished this task...
One got a POA done at their Credit union as a courtesy, another supporter shared that a Social Worker at any Hospital can help you get one done as well. 
Average cost POA with a Lawyer $200-$650 so I understand wanting to do this yourself however, 
In uncomplicated situations a low cost POA may suffice.
Many people use lawyers for peace of mind because a Power Of Attorney can be disputed...
Family issues are the most common cause for POA disputes. 
So make sure everyone is in good standing before taking the low cost route. 
Much love. 
Jacquelyn R. 

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