Low Cost Therapy for Caregivers

Low Cost Therapy for Caregivers
My third year of caregiving I had a mental breakdown, I hadn't dealt with the multiple losses, the death of my grandmother, and the transition from being a daughter to becoming a caregiver and the crazy amount I had accumulated as an unpaid family Caregiver.  At my lowest point I called a friend and they offered to pay for 3 months of weekly therapy sessions. Im forever grateful to them because For the first time I felt validated. Here are low cost or sliding scale options for therapy that you can use. I found my current therapist through one of these site, so I know they work. 
Caregivers spend an average of 21% of their income on a loved one, so here are a range of options from free to around $100. 

Sometimes you don't realize you need to talk to someone about the thoughts in your head until you do it. I hope you take advantage of these options. 

Love, your Big Sis in Care


  • Francis

    Interested in therapy

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    I need to know where to start to find therapy

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    I need help

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