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How I Find Meaning In Caregiving
How to Find Meaning in Caregiving  Caregiving is not an either or experience. There are terrific highs and soul stirring lows.  But try asking yourself...What has Caregiving made me better at? While you ask yourself that, here are a few...
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Musical Affirmations
I listen to my affirmations in music form.  While Caregiving I could have been much nicer to myself. My self-talk included me berating myself for information I didn't know and any tasks I didn't complete to the peak of my...
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Resentment of Caregiving
Jacquelyn Revere 2:31 PM (4 minutes ago) to me My resentment of caregiving was holding me hostage…. My first year of caregiving wasn't a gentle ease into the process it was a huge thrust. I didn't watch symptoms slowly overtake...
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